Vedic Astrology, Chakras, Planets and Jyotish – Gemstones

Vedic Astrology, Chakras, Planets and Jyotish – Gemstones 

The 7 Chakras

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It is mentioned in the ancient sacred Vedic astrological texts that our body’s 7 chakras (energy absorbing centres that regulates the different aspects of our life like career, health and relationships) are related to the 7 visible planets of the solar system.

In sufficient or imbalanced energies received from these planets (due to weak chakras) leads to difficulties in career paths, poor health and disturbed relationships. A genuine cosmic planetary analysis study
by a learned vedic astrologer can tell us our planetary (chakras’) weaknesses.

Gemstones (only 10Planets0% natural, no negative inclusions, purified, energized and astrologically approved gemstones ( are concentrated store houses of these planetary energies (Each planet has been associatedAstro-gems
with a 
gemstone which has it’s concentrated energy). By wearing these astrologically approved gemstones according to the various wearing rituals we can enhance these favourable planetary energies in our lives and can improve these various aspects of our lives tremendously.

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